Winter is Coming

A crisp and pale human body… Dearest of friends with Jack Frost and Jon Snow

If you walk past that body, you’ll be sure to see a winter wonderland, that body sparkles and glistens In the sun but slowly its snowy presents starts  to walk away… the sun begs for it yet that untamed body rejects any sort of contact with the sun

be gone, sun, you are no longer welcome here -body

you will miss me when I’m gone, my friend. you will miss my kisses and that flaming August rush of mine – sun

The way a crow shook down on me the dust of snow from a hemlock tree oh how I wish it snowed where I live so I can stop reminiscing on my numerous interactions with those joyfully cold yet warm snow flakes

Winter tends to give my heart a change of mood

 I remain frozen in timeless melody with my beloved season

.My fascination with winter is a never ending tale. long live December, the greats were born on December. We have greatness thrust upon us

.We are the dreamers, believers, lovers, thinkers, and courageous ones

 .long live winter

nada alanazi ندى العنزي

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