Vincitore Realty opens next week an investment and real estate expo for 2019.

On 19th and 20th October’19, Vincitore will launch its first session entitled “Invest with vincitore” at the VOCO – Movenpick Hotel in Riyadh from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Mr. Vir Vijay Doshi, Director of Vincitore Realty, stated “We will be showcasing unique investment features and solutions with their exclusive Landmark projects in this property expo in partnership with Exclusive Marketer”

On which Mr.  Mohammed Alaslai Director of Exclusive market replied, “We are a real estate institution with distinctive knowledge of Saudi interface characterized by the fact that we have complete information in how to manage the Saudi real estate market as well as the nature of the Saudi investors.”

This confirms that the facility with the development of Saudi Arabia and future international boundaries will be through this Forum’s Success. This will provide opportunities for any interested investor to improve their investment options and to get best returns than their expectations, especially as the Vincitore Property Expo provides various offers leading to improve the fundamentals in the real estate for the investors in Saudi Arabia.

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